Curriculum Resources

Here we plan to provide pdf format content for Orthodox Christian parents to download and use for the teaching of their children. Some of it will be very specifically Orthodox and some will be more general use. Our general endorsement of a source is not necessarily a wholesale endorsement of the entirety of a work.

History from an Orthodox Perspective

The History of the Russian Church by Mouravieff. This is a classic that has long been in English, although presently out of print. This source is probably best suited for late middle school and high school.

The History of the Alexandrian Church from 1847. A valuable historical resource. High school level. This contains some valuable discussions of Orthodox apologetics, as well as valuable history.

The History of the Council of Florence by Ostroumoff. This brilliant work of the 19th Century catalogs and categorizes the Orthodox patristic teachings against the filioque, both as a canonical violation against additions to the Creed and as heretical theology. The spiritual heroism and brilliance of St. Mark of Ephesus are highlighted. This is most likely a high-school level text.

Spiritual Life Resources

Coming soon.


The Orthodox Confession of Faith by St. Peter Moghila. While the terminology of this work is undoubtedly western, its content is Orthodox. Arguably, this is the MOST AUTHORITATIVE catechism of the Orthodox faith, having been synodically approved by the Russian Church and the primates of all the Eastern Apostolic Patriarchs: Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem (see the forwards to the book itself). It has a long history in the English language, as well: it was translated by the famous American colonial governor of Virginia, Philip Ludwell, III, in 1772.