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Home Schooling as a Father

One of the bitter realities of life in modern America is that one essentially plays a chess game with the world and its seductive influences when it comes to the raising of kids. St. John Chrysostom taught that parents who contribute to the spiritual death of their children, by failing to raise them as conscious Christians, are like murderers. The saint calls to mind the otherwise righteous priest Eli, who nevertheless sinned gravely by raising wicked children. Read more

My Own Reasons for Home Education

People home school for different reasons. For me, it’s as much about what my children don’t learn, as what they do. I want them to experience schooling without cool-kid hierarchies, without bullying, without indoctrination into the State religion of Marxism and Darwinism. I owe this to my children and to God.

And of course there are three great positive reasons behind home education: creating independent self-educators, engagement with real literature, focus upon the truly meaningful, familial closeness. I think it’s important to remind myself why I do this instead of the many other things that could take up my time.